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The New D&H Balancer Range - Guest Post | Foss Feeds Information Centre

The New D&H Balancer Range - Guest Post

What is a feed balancer?

A balancer is a concentrated feed designed to be fed in small quantities, to provide a source of nutrients such as protein and micro-nutrients so that horses who are only fed forage will receive a balanced diet

The current landscape for feed balancers is that one brand is dominating the market and therefore limiting customer choice. As one of the top feed brands, Dodson & Horrell need to offer the shopper what they want in a balancer as well as providing more to benefit the health of the horse.

Not just a balancer…..

All balancers provide vitamins, minerals and proteins to balance out a diet that is forage based or where concentrate feeding is less than optimal.

The D&H Balancer Range does everything you would expect a balancer to do but with added Health Benefits

Putting the Horse First

D&H are focused on horse health and performance and have taken a holistic approach with The Balancer Range.

Added prebiotics, plant based antioxidants, joint supplements and herbal remedies deliver real results for the horse through a careful blend of science and nature. This means that the blue tubs of herbs and supplements that you know and love are integrated into these balancers!

All of these benefits can be given to the horse whilst feeding for less than £5 a week!*

Does grass not provide everything that my horse needs?

Unfortunately not! Whilst grass may provide sufficient calories and even protein for horses at rest or in light work, a large study has shown that UK grazing will not meet their mineral requirements. For examples, grass only provide around half the quantity of zinc a horse needs every day and this can results in poor hoof health.

Horses that maintain weight well on grazing alone don’t need lots of concentrate feed but they still need extra vitamins and minerals. To make sure your horse’s diet is balanced without the calorific intake – a feed balancer is perfect!

Which balancer is for me?

The Balancer Range offers the most comprehensive and targeted supplements taking into consideration behavioural needs, life stage and activity. Due to the minimal feeding rate of these balancers (100g per100kg of horse per day) – you can pick whichever balancer fits your needs without the worry of weight gain or high sugar intake. From the Easy Everyday balancer which is a simple with added pasture mix herbs to the Performance Balancer with hoof, digestive and joint support; there is a balancer to support the needs of a large range of horses.

  • Easy Everyday
    • Most ‘simple’ of the balancers
    • Ideal for balancing forage diets
    • Horses at maintenance/light work
    • Hoof support added
    • Pasture Mix Herbs (for smell and palatability)
  • Go Lite
    • Ideal for balancing forage diets
    • Horses at maintenance/light work
    • Lower protein content
    • Lower starch & sugar content Hoof support added- for the laminitis prone
    • QLC Antioxidants
    • Seaweed & Nettle (Our Lami-Free Herbs)
    • Actisaf Yeast
    • Chelated Minerals
  • Be Calm
    • For performance/leisure horses prone to heating
    • Main supplements being Placid Herbs (Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Vervain)
    • Cereal-Grain Free
    • Hoof support added
    • QLC Antioxidants – greater requirement for the performance horses
    • Actisaf yeast added
    • Chelated minerals
  • Senior Support
    • For the older horse/horse requiring more joint support
    • Main supplements being advanced joint support (MSM & Glucosamine)
    • Turmeric
    • Hoof support added
    • QLC Antioxidants – greater requirement for older horses
    • Actisaf yeast added
    • Chelated minerals
  • Ulcer Sensitive
    • For the horse prone to ulcers/sensitive digestive system
    • Ulca-tonic herbs (liquorice, comfrey leaf and pumpkin seeds)
    • Cereal-grain free
    • Full hindgut support package
    • Hoof support added
    • QLC Antioxidants
    • Actisaf yeast added
    • Chelated minerals
  • Performance
    • Ideal for good doer’s in harder work or as a top up to a hard feed
    • Hoof support added
    • QLC Antioxidants – greater requirement for the performance horse
    • Mint & Basil- palatability
    • MSM & Glucosamine
    • Complete hind-gut package added
    • Chelated Minerals


For more information on which balancer would suit your horse best then please visit or contact our helpline on 0845 945 2627 – our nutritionists will be happy to answer any questions!