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Spook-tacular Pumpkin Pie Recipe - LickiMat | Foss Feeds Information Centre

Spook-tacular Pumpkin Pie Recipe - LickiMat

Halloween is just around the corner, so we thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to this spook-tacular Pumpkin Pie recipe!

Many people struggle when it comes to being adventurous with their pets treats, as it’s often hard to know which foods are good and which are bad for certain animals. The great thing about this Pumpkin Pie recipe is that it’s 100% dog friendly, with ingredients like ginger which can actually help dogs with upset tummies. Similarly, cinnamon is also a spice that dogs can enjoy and it’s really beneficial to use within dog treats. Cinnamon has been identified as a spice that may help with brain function, circulation, cognitive function and energy levels. It is extremely important to ensure that you only use cinnamon in small doses, as whilst small amounts have many benefits, overdoing it can have negative effects such as liver damage.

This recipe makes enough treat filler for two LickiMats and you can use any LickiMat with it. The LickiMat used in the following photos, however, is the LickiMat Buddy.


1 cup cooked pumpkin (boiled, steamed or roasted)

1/3 cup cream cheese

3 tablespoons desiccated coconut

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Place all ingredients in a blender or whisk together by hand until all ingredients are thoroughly integrated. Add more cream cheese if you want a richer blend. Scoop onto your LickiMat with a silicone spatula or back of a spoon. Smooth off. Serve immediately or leave in fridge for up to 5 days or freeze until ready to use.

Thinking of using this pawsome recipe for your dog? We’d love to see them enjoying their LickiMat treat! Send a photo into us via Facebook or Instagram, or share with the hashtag #FossFriends


Happy Halloween Friends!