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Responsible Pet Ownership Blog | Foss Feeds Information Centre

Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership


Everyone loves animals, we understand, we are super cute. And we love it when a family chooses us to spend the rest of our lives together.

Most of time we get pretty well looked after, some would even say we get better treatment than the husbands, but occasionally some pets don’t get well looked after, and that often comes down to irresponsible pet owners.

Some TLC never fails

- We do like to pretend to be all independent and like our own space, but we do rely on you to take care of us, we’re pretty useless ourselves.

Make us part of the family

- Pets should become part of your family, please don’t neglect us or leave us for long periods of time by ourselves.

Yummy and nutritious food

- Just like you are going on your diet and focusing on healthy dinners, we need the same, and always make sure we have clean water.

Are we tagged?

- Make sure your pet is properly identified (i.e., tags or microchips) and keep its registration up-to-date.

Obey the rules

- Obey all local rules, including tagging, cleaning up, lead requirements and all noise control.

Stay healthy

- The best way to keep us healthy is lots of exercise, but do take into consideration the type and size of pet we are as that will depend on the amount of exercise we need. And when we get tired, listen to us, please don’t make us do any more than we want to do.

Be committed

- We get it, training us is hard work but it’s worth it. Read your book and talk to the experts. You can always take us to training sessions.

Check ups

- Most of the time we dislike going to the vets, just like you hate going to the doctors, but really, it’s best to get us checked out once a year and keep up with all our injections.


- Your pet is for life, not just for a short period, so make sure you’re ready for that commitment. And when it comes to choosing your pet, make sure you choose one that is right for your life and home.


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