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How to Care for the Birds in Your Garden | Foss Feeds Information Centre

How to Care for the Birds in Your Garden

There’s something extremely special about watching the wild birds in the garden. Whether they’ve flown in for a bite to eat, or they simply wanted to waddle across the lawn for a little bit of downtime, it’s always fascinating to watch them in their natural habitat, enjoying their surroundings and adding a lovely touch of character to your garden. Whilst the wild birds that visit our gardens may not be pets, this doesn’t mean you can’t do things that will help to care for and protect them, especially in colder seasons such as Winter. We’ve gathered some of our top tips to help you care for the wild birds that visit your garden.

Providing Water

One of the best things that you can do for the birds in your garden is ensure they have a fresh supply of water to both drink and bathe in. The winter can be a tough season for birds, with many of their natural water supplies freezing over or becoming dirty, so having a fresh supply to drink from in your garden will ensure they are still receiving the water they require. In order to provide water for your garden birds, add a bird table to your outside area and be sure to check regularly, incase the cold weather causes it to freeze over.

Water is also essential for birds to bathe in. Wild birds need to keep their feathers in the best condition possible, and just like their drinking water, this can be difficult when the winter sets in. Bird baths and bird tables are a perfect feature to add to your garden to provide a space for the birds to bathe and soak in, ensuring they can keep as clean and fresh as possible.

Feeding the Birds

It’s really important to ensure that the food you are giving to the birds in your garden is good for them. Just like all animals, certain foods aren’t suitable for wild birds, so you should always check to make sure the feed mix you’re giving them is right. With so many different wild birds visiting our gardens, it’s difficult to know exactly what to feed them as you can’t always keep track of what species are flying in and out, but you can provide food such as the RSPB Bird Feed to ensure that the food is suitable for most species on a whole.

We’re proud to stock two types of RSPB Wild Bird Feed, which is ideal for the birds that visit your garden!

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Are you looking for ways in which you can help to care for and protect the wild birds that visit your garden? Why not get involved with this year’s RSPB #BigGardenBirdWatch running from January 26th – 28th. The Big Garden Bird Watch is all about coming together to help the wild birds that visit your garden. By counting the birds that visit your garden over the #BigGardenBirdWatch, you are helping the RSPB to understand which species are visiting certain areas, which in turn can help them to understand how wild birds are doing.

If you’re thinking of taking part, you can share your photos with us on our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, as well as sharing photos with the RSPB using the hashtag #BigGardenBirdWatch!