February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Each February, National Pet Dental Health Month reminds us how important it is to look after our pet's teeth and oral health and teaches us how we can help maintain a healthy dental regime with our pets.

Oral care is a really important component of your pet's overall health, not just making your pet’s smile sparkle or breath nice and fresh! According to statistics, 80% of dogs and 7-% of cats begin to show signs of oral disease by the age of 3.  Just like us, plaque and tartar can build up on your pet’s teeth leading to dental and gum problems and can even lead to secondary issues such as inflammation of important organs.  Maintain oral health can be done through regular checks with your vet, but also you can play an important part at home to check your pets' teeth and keep their oral health in top condition.

We have a range of solutions available to help you keep your pet’s oral health on top form. Take a look at the different types of oral care we offer.

Fresh Breath by TropiClean

The Fresh Breath range by TropiClean provides a range of easy to use solutions that help to gently remove plaque and tartar and keeping your pet’s breath nice and fresh, without the need for brushing!

The range includes:

  •  Gels and Foams - are applied to each side of your dog’s mouth. This daily aid will help to remove plaque and tartar without the need to brush.
  • Water Additives - simply add a few drops of the water additives to your dog’s water bowl with each refill and they are formulated to defend against new formations of plaque and tartar whilst also freshening your pet's breath.
  • Kits - Tropiclean have a developed some trial kits for users to try the gel and water additives to give the pet parent a 2-week trial for clean teeth and a healthy mouth.


Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

 We have a range of pet-specific toothbrushes and toothpaste that are designed to freshen breath and reduce tartar build-up.  Dog toothpaste is designed with an attractive meaty taste so that dogs are less likely to reject it!  Toothbrushes come in the form of finger brushes or specially shaped flexible brushes to help get right to the back of your pet's mouth!


Dental Treats

 There are a range of treats available that are specifically designed to help your dogs dental hygiene.  From popular brands including Fish4Dogs, Dentastix, Rosewood and Webbox, the dental treats are formulated to help reduce tartar and plaque build-up on your dogs teeth, whilst your dog enjoys a tasty treat!  Chewing is great for your dogs too and active dog chewers have less plaque build-up.  There are also lots of dog foods that have active ingredients within them that can support dental hygiene such as asparagus which plays a role in dental health.


Dog Chews and Toys

You can also use non-edible bones or chews as a home dental care.  Dogs have a natural urge to chew and chewing helps with reducing tartar and plaque build-up on the teeth.  Toys such as the Rosewood Nylon Dog Toys range are not only great tough toys for your dogs, but they also help to clean teeth and massage gums!


Take a look at our range of dental healthcare, treats and toys below:

Dental Healthcare - https://www.fossfeeds.com/dog/dog-healthcare

Dental Treats - https://www.fossfeeds.com/dog/dog-treats?health=Dental

Dental Chews and Toys - https://www.fossfeeds.com/dog/dog-toys


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