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Dog Walking Tips to Get Those Tails Wagging | Foss Feeds Information Centre

Dog Walking Tips to Get Those Tails Wagging

With January being National Walk Your Pet Month, we though it was only fitting to provide you with some pawsome tips to make your dog walks a little more exciting. Giving your dog plenty of walks is essential, not only for their health and enjoyment, but also to help you bond with your pooch and keep a clear relationship between you. You are your dog’s master; therefore, walks are the perfect time to work on those training skills, help them release some built-up energy and also keep them active. Looking for ways to keep those tails wagging and bring a little more fun to walkies? We’ve got some fab tips to make the whole experience a positive, exciting time!

Practice Training Skills

It doesn’t matter how old your dog is, it’s always beneficial to be persistent with training and ensure they’re learning the right skills. Start with the easier training commands such as ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Lie Down’, as it’s likely that your dog is already good at these. Putting them into a situation where they have lots of distractions, whether that’s another dog, a pigeon flying by or a football being kicked around, is perfect as they have to really concentrate and focus in order to receive their treat or praise. You can then try harder commands such as ‘Fetch’, which is often the most frustrating when you’ve thrown the ball really far and they refuse to bring it back! Whilst the training session is educating your pooch, its also giving them the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, new smells and have a little bit of fun at the same time! Be sure to pack plenty of treats so that you can praise them whenever they behave particularly well.

Switch Things Up

The moment the magical W word, (walkies), is mentioned, there’s always a sudden rush of excitement from your playful pooch. Whilst this may be one of the best parts of their day, it can become repetitive for you and sometimes you just need to switch things up a little. Whilst it may make more sense to do the local walk, which you know very well, on an evening or when you have less time, it’s always good to switch up your walking routine and go somewhere exciting and new. Whether this is a weekend activity, or you choose one evening a week to go to this new spot, it will make walkies a little more exciting for the both of you, as well as introducing your pup to new places, smells and friends to play with!

Bring the Essentials

No dog walk is complete without a handful of tasty treats for your canine friend to snack on for being a good boy or girl. As mentioned above, when training or practicing certain commands with your dog, you need to have a selection of small treats to reward them when they have been well-behaved or obedient. Similarly, if you find yourself in a position where your dog has found something they want to take home when them, but it’s not something you want to come into the house, a treat is always a great bribe to distract them from the unwanted house guest (it’s not always necessary for them to bring every tennis ball they find in the field home with them!). You’ll also need to remember to pack plenty of poop bags, as there’s nothing worse than your dog doing their business and you realising you have nothing to pick it up with!

Do you have any tail-wagging tips for an exciting dog walk? If so, we’d love to hear them! Leave a comment in the section below or head to our Facebook or Twitter page using the tag #FossFriends to share your tips with us!